Music Minds Matter is a new campaign that started in July of 2017 by Help Musicians UK with the intention of being a support line for musicians and others that work in the music industry. I have mentioned Help Musicians UK in a previous post. They are a charity that supports musicians going through crisis or those that need extra help during critical points in their career. After we lost several musicians to suicide last year, this campaign was born and it has sights on being a worldwide resource for artists and music industry professionals.


While this campaign is just in its infancy, it has immense potential for being a significant resource for those in the industry. As we have discussed previously, there is a major movement within the industry in regards to the mental health of artists. Musicians are speaking up about their experiences and difficulties that they have faced because of their career. Currently, there is a lack of resources for artists and Music Minds Matters is a fantastic support to help fill that void.


A major point of the campaign is the study that Help Musicians UK completed in 2016 called, “Can Music Make You Sick?”. This study was taken by over 2,200 musicians industry-wide and shows that there is a significant number of musicians that are struggling with their mental health while working in the industry. From the survey, about 71% of the respondents believed that they had experiences panic attacks of high levels of anxiety and nearly 70% had experienced depression. However, only 30% of those respondents thought about seeking help or had already sought out help. Although these musicians were aware that they were struggling, not even a third of them sought out help. About 55% of all respondents felt that there was a lack of resources for musicians, which is where Music Minds Matter comes into the picture.


Right now, Music Minds Matter is only based within the UK with plans to expand internationally once the system is perfected. The UK hotline is 0808 802 8008 and can be accessed 24/7 for emotional support, information and guidance. It is possible to call the line from outside the UK; however, you would need to speak to your service provider about possible fees. They can also be contacted by email at Like other support lines, you will speak to a trained advisor when you contact Music Minds Matter; however, unlike other support lines, these advisors also have familiarity with the music industry. I would also like to highlight that friends and families of those who work in the music industry are welcomed to reach out to Music Minds Matter as well.


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