This past Friday, Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbits lost his life after a long battle with mental illness. He frequently spoke about his struggles, both within his music and outside of it. His death is a reminder that we can all be affected by mental illness and, even as we face it head on, we continue to need support. As an industry, we are having conversations about mental health and what we can do to create safer enviroments, but we are far from finished with this journey.


If you are struggling, reach out for help and continue to reach out for help. Continue to reach out for as long as you need. We will be there for you. If you find yourself in a crisis, you can always reach help at these resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Crisis Text Line


There are resources specifically for the music industry as well. You can contact Music Mind Matters or Help Musicians UK for help from those with an understanding of the industry.


As an industry, we need to continue to move forward and push for more mental health education within our community. We can always continue to improve.

We can always do better.


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